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 Central Park - detail
Central Park - detail

Art is Satisfaction & Completion

Art is a very personal, emotional journey. When one places a dab of color on the canvas it is like creating something that has never before occurred.

Experiences and emotions come to life. It is akin to giving birth. There is an amazing feeling as the paint evolves. Colors have meaning. Lines and shapes take on a life of their own.

Jean C Cohn - American ImpressionistThe artist becomes immersed in her work. She looses track of time. Her only objective is to create, to express, to develop a painting that tells her story, her inner feelings, her joy and zest for life. Nature gives the foundation for art. The sight of exquisite mountains, the clouds that change in color and shape with the weather, the ocean that is a constant wonder, the changing seasons, the foliage, be it green or brown, all play a part in an artist's life. There is nothing more exciting than a rain storm or a field of wild flowers!

These, along with the wonder of the human form, are the essence of the artist's view of her world. The finished product is only one part of the joy an artist feels. The journey to the final stroke of paint on the canvas is as much a satisfaction as the completion.

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